Wellcome to Kazakh Text Frequency Analyzer (Zhubanov)

The purpose of this project is to provide users with an web-based Kazakh text analysis tool based on the frequency counts of various textual items such as letters, syllables, words, stems, morphemes, word groups, sentences etc. Therefore enabling users with the ability to perform their own phonetic, lexical, morphological, lexical, and pharasal analysis on the Kazakh text or documents.

A better understanding of the linguistic structures and meanings embedded in the text is expected to be reached through these analysis. There are lots of things that can be done with the outpus of these analysis in AI, NLP, Coputational Linguistics and other areas. The output of these text analysis can be downloaded and stored for other types of more advanced analysis such as text classification and text clustering.

Kazakh Text Frequency Analyzer is brought to you by Aktobe & Istanbul University.