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Ottoman Ottoman Alphabet
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End-to-End Conversion of Ottoman Documents to Modern Turkish Project A 3-step solution to a 100-year-old problem:

(i) Ottoman OCR
(ii) Ottoman-Turkish Transliteration
(iii) Ottoman-Turkish Translation

osmanlica türkçe uçtan uça çeviri sistemi
Step 1

Ottoman OCR

Upload an image of an Ottoman document and convert it to Ottoman editable text with the OCR tool... If you can't read the Ottoman text, don't worry, continue with Step 2.

Step 2


Transliterate text from the Arabic-based Ottoman alphabet to the Latin-based Turkish alphabet with the alphabet transliteration tool. Now you can read the Ottoman text, but if you don't understand, don't worry, continue with step 3.

Step 3


Translate Ottoman text with Arabic and Persian words and phrases into Modern Turkish with the language translator tool to understand.

%50 off for professors and students

The OCR prices will be marked down %50 for university professors & students. The discount will be applied by the system based on your email extension (edu.tr) automatically. The discount will be shown at the payment step. This sale will expire in a year. Mina ARGE reserves the right to change or cancel the discount programme at any time without prior notification.

End to End Ottoman-Turkish Conversion

Türkiye's Vision Project in Social Sciences

Osmanlıca.com is a project supported by Tübitak. The whole project has been designed to make End-to-End Ottoman-Turkish Translation.


To Develop the necessary software technology for the conversion of Ottoman documents to today's Turkish by using artificial intelligence and information technologies.


Converting millions of pages of Ottoman documents in archives and libraries into Modern Turkish in a short time and making them available to our people.

Ottoman OCR

Converting from a picture (Old Turkish written in the old alphabet) to text


Converting the Old Turkish text written in the old alphabet to today's alphabet. EXAMPLE: Devlet-i Âl-i Osmanî -> Great Ottoman Empire


Translating Old Turkish Text into New (Contemporary-Modern) Turkish. EXAMPLE: Devlet-i Âl-i Osmanî -> Great Ottoman Empire

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Image Processing

Ottoman documents are enhanced with image processing. Better results are obtained in Ottoman OCR.

Natural Language Processing

An Ottoman text in the Arabic-based Ottoman Alphabet is translated into a text in the Latin-based Turkish Alphabet.

Deep Learning

High success has been achieved by using Deep Learning models.


If you have any questions, please contact us ([email protected]) Email us and reply here

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Address Entertech Ofis 322 Avcılar

Phone +90 212 691 64 26

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